Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Vinyl Frontier: Mashups from Outer Space

Beat-Boot-Ique has released a new compilation album featuring two tracks of mine. This one is based on Science Fiction or Space Music in it's broadest interpretations, featuring mashups, remixes, new material and totally reconstructed tracks.
New for BBI releases is that this is the first album that was reviewed by a prerelease team so that the overall quality of the album could be raised before final release.
The album has an excellent flow and feels like those old concept albums, which is quite an achievement considering that all contributors where working separately on their tracks, proving that the use of this pre-release team succeeded in creating a homogenic album, instead of a collection of loosely themed, but separate tracks.
The album has been mastered by Celebrity Murder Party and he did a fine job on that.

Everyone who has an interest in spacey songs and soundscapes should give this album a listen.

Track listing:

Side A

01. Virtual DJ - Eve of a problem
02. CMP - Intergalactic Predator
03. Virtual DJ - Slow Martian Nasty Girl
04. Viper Pilot - Ballad of the colonial Roughnecks
05. Juxtaposeur - Space Dictation
06. Guv'nor - That Chewie Tune
07. DJ Le Clown - 200

Side B

08. DJ Useo vs Celebrity Murder Party - Goldrush Revolution
09. Juxtaposeur - Moon Conversation
10. Guv'nor - UFO Outta Space
11. DJ Useo vs Celebrity Murder Party - Love Rocket
12. Celebrity Murder Party - Wrath of Khan Never knows
13. DJ Useo - Major Tomgebirge
14. Icky - Let me be Outta Space

edit 09-09-2010: The album is not available anymore on it's original location.
You can find the first 12 tunes here as a rar file (126 MB, mediafire link)
Tracks 13 and 14 can be found in a separate rar file here

Individual songs are not released yet. In time I will publish my contributions as individual mp3's along with an extended version of the opening track and some outtakes that did not fit in the final version of the album.

Eve Of A Problem features:
Jeff Wayne - Eve of The War
Juno Reactor ft Gocoo: Teahouse (from the Matrix 2)
"Trouble Sequence" - The Apollo 13 crew

Slow Martian Nasty Girl features:
Kylie Minogue: Slow
Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl
Danny Elfman - Martian Spy Girl (from Mars Attacks)

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Sildenafil Citrate said...

Those kind of tracks are perfect because that's something totally different because it's like a space travel it's so good.