Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ruled By Crawlers (Genesis vs Muse)

Genesis had a rich musical history before it became hitmachine headed by Phil Collins.
Songs from these era have rarely or never been mashed and with the recent release of the first albums in a 5.1 format,with Peter Gabriel as leadsinger, opportunities arose to try to get a clear vocal.
Here is my first try with one of my favourite songs, Carpet Crawlers.
I mashed this with Ruled By Secrecy by Muse, which is in 6/8 where Carpet Crawlers is in 4/4 creating quite a few obstacles which I hope I overcame.
To get the placement right I first sung the melody myself and then started to arrange everything.
I hope I did right.

Ruled By Crawlers:
Carpet Crawlers - Genesis (vocal)
Ruled By Secrecy - Muse (instrumental)

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sean Paul's Sing-A-Long (Sean Paul vs The Mini Sloths from Ice Age 2)

I am not very active with mashups at the moment but when recently I saw Ice Age 2 I knew I had to do something with the hilarious songs by Sid the Sloth and The Mini Sloths.

There's nothing ambitious about this one, just a little funny piece (I hope)

Sean Paul's Sing-A-Long:

Sean Paul - Get Busy
John Powell - Mini Sloths Sing-A-Long and bits of Sid's Sing-A-Long (from the Ice Age 2 soundtrack)

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