Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kenji's Love Song (Bob Marley vs Röyksopp)

This song is partly inspired by the story about Kenji, a robot programmed to emulate human emotions, like love.
However Kenji's programming took an extreme turn for the worst, mistaking affection for possession.
You can read the story about Kenji here.

I guess the story is an internet hoax though.

The vocals by Bob Marley are entirely vocoded,
The instrumental track, Silver Cuiser by Röyksopp, is in 6/8 so I had to rearrange the complete song to fit in this different rhythm.

As you can imagine this sounds totally different than the original By Bob Marley.

Kenji's Lovesong

Bob Marley - Is This Love (vocals)
Röyksopp - Silver Cruiser (instrumental)

VDJ - Kenji's Love Song (Röyksopp vs Bob Marley) by VirtualDJ

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