Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gloomy Angels and Reptiles (Akira Yamaoka/NIN/Carol Kidd)

This tune probably would be more suitable for Halloween.

It features a tune from Akira Yamaoka, composer of the Silent Hill videogame soundtracks.
His tunes usually are dark and foreboding and this is no exception.
I heard some similarities with Reptile from Nine Inch Nails which I layered then with this.
I also wanted to use Glooomy Sunday for a while and here it fit perfectly.
The singer is Carol Kidd, a Scottish jazz singer I had never heard of, but I could find an acapella from her for this song that fitted the bill well.
(Maybe somewhere in the future I will try to make an acapella of the version from Diamanda Galas, that would make it more chilling for certain)

Gloomy Sunday is also known as the Hungarian Suicide song. The lyrics are quite explicit about that.
However, when it became known by Billie Holiday's version, record companies wanted to add a 3rd verse with a lighter tone, the song was to depressive for them.
I skipped that last verse. It doesn't make sense at all, explaining that the other verses were just a dream.


Akira Yamaoka - Angel's Scream
Nine Inch Nails - reptile

Vocal: Carol Kidd - Gloomy Sunday